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Company policy

Inspecting authority LLC «TARXON SOFT» offers shipment - unloading inspection. These services comply with international standards for accreditation, where a certificate of accreditation - a compliance of a contract between inspecting authorities LLC «TARXON SOFT» and its customer.

Our goals

To become a leader in the industry and an important figure in all market segments and key regional markets.

Professional ethics

Our Company creates a successful international business with long-term reputation of the staff. This reputation is one of the most important assets. It was reflected in our core values and code of professional ethics.

Inspecting authority «TARXON SOFT» LLC offers a service for inspection in accordance with national, interstate and international standards. This service is offered to all potential customers within the stated scope of accreditation . Inspection member, Inspection memberdoes not distinguish between when contracts are signed for an inspection the size of the client organization , or membership of any association . Nor is it deliberately does not slow down or speed up the application process .


Our inspectors are Inspecting authority «TARXON SOFT» LLC during all stages of the inspection process , which takes full responsibility for their actions during this process.


Impartiality - one of the fundamental values of the inspecting authority LLC «TARXON SOFT», and it s part of the Code of Professional Ethics .

Protecting the impartiality of action set forth «TARXON SOFT» LLC is the key to ensure customer satisfaction and meet the accreditation rules or legislative action.

The structure of the Inspection member was designed to ensure impartiality in the conduct of the inspection .

We guarantee that all our employees are not represented by any commercial, financial and other pressures. Full-time inspectors to prohibit provide counseling services , and it complies with the conditions of their employment contracts.

In Inspection member set clear and transparent process of payment for the inspection of all its employees. All employees are paid no matter the number of inspections , neither of their results.


Full and timely disclosure of all the events , actions and results, will allow full understanding and continuous improvement

We disseminate accurate information to the parties , respecting privacy and business needs

The aims and operation of the system

«TARXON SOFT» LLC seeks to be recognized as a leader in the market for an inspection.

To achieve this, we have identified local targets and regular monitoring .

Internal audits and management reviews are conducted annually .

Publicly available information

Openness - one of the key values Ltd. «TARXON SOFT» - publishes the requested information to the public.

Staff competence and control

«TARXON SOFT» LLC, defines a procedure to determine the competence of personnel involved in the inspection process.

Competence of staff monitored during regular appraisals.