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Cotton fibre

One of the directions of the company is assessment of cotton fiber quality and lint on the basis of international and national standards (USDA and O'zDSt). An independent inspection enables customers really judge the quality of cotton fiber. If you want to be sure that you delivered exactly what the fiber , which you contracted , OOO "TARXON SOFT" as this will help , the company employs trained and qualified professionals.

To classify the quality of cotton fiber provides the following methods :

First: classer method - by specially trained professionals ( classers) performed organoleptic evaluation of cotton fiber by grade and class by comparison with samples of appearance, duly approved , and the definition laid out by staple length staples by hand. Instrumentally determined only by the indicator " micronaire." The method is applied to control 10% of the bales from the party, but can be used to bale tests.

Second: HVI - shorthand name of the measuring system Test cotton high-performance High Volume Instrument Indicators length, uniformity of length, strength, elongation at break, micronaire , color, and debris . Developed and implemented in the late 80 -ies 20th century, due to the increased use of the global textile industry, rotor spinning machines for which the manufacture of durable yarn purchased most important strength of the fiber , and an assessment of which did not yield to traditional classer method.

Third: The traditional instrumental methods of testing for a small sample of cotton fiber , obtained by repeated averaging and reduce the mass of the samples taken from different bales from different places and inspected a sample of cotton fiber. Due to the high complexity and duration of the tests used to breeders, as well as for process control on cotton plants and textile mills.

Highly qualified , with years of experience OOO "TARXON SOFT" can check cotton with classer method, and in an independent laboratory accredited by the HVI and under supervision.

Cotton Inspection includes the following scope of work :

sampling (5, 10 , 20, 100%)
classification of quality cotton to USDA standards or O'zDSt ( 5, 10, 20, 100%), and methods at the discretion of the client
weighing bales ( 10, 100%)
visual inspection of the loading in the auto, w / d transport containers
sealing disposable locking and sealing devices IIS
Inspection of the damaged cotton , etc.
photographic images