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Consumer goods

Inspection of food and other consumer products includes a statistical sampling of products to test visual and organoleptic characteristics , including labelling, packaging and labelling . Selective control of the final product reduces the risks associated with imports.

It should be noted that the import to Uzbekistan some kinds of food and consumer goods such as meat, meat preparations , dairy products, olive oil and fruits , alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, tobacco and others in accordance with the RESOLUTION OF THE CABINET OF MINISTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN the №66 from 02.02.2001 year , must be accompanied by a mandatory pre-shipment inspection in full.

In this case , special attention is paid to research product samples for the presence of genetically modified organisms ( GMOs), as well as for compliance with maximum permissible concentrations of pesticides , mycotoxins, dioxins and other microbiological and chemical factors.

However , importers and exporters of other headings can be applied pre-shipment inspection in order to minimize their risks, as well as to comply with legislation in other countries .

Separately discuss the inspection of products from soft materials, i.e. children's toys. Selective control of the finished product covers the following toys: the product, workmanship , dimensions. sorting functionality, components, labeling and packaging . Control is carried out by the procedure provided for ISO 2859-1 and subsequent release of a detailed report on the inspection results in accordance with the permissible levels of quality.

Selective control of the final product

The purpose of the complex sample pre-shipment inspection , based on accepted international practice in sampling procedure is to ensure that the quality, quantity and packaging of finished product specifications set forth in the contract or letter of credit.

Inspection of retail

Our inspection services for retail means a visual collection of information on the conditions of retail distribution brand specific manufacturer or private label retail chain based on criteria specified by the client. These services allow an independent verification of calculations, expiration dates , prices on certain products , there may be carried out sampling .

At the request of the client , we also draw attention to competitors. The inspection may be conducted in department stores and in dedicated retail outlets. Systematically collected data allow us to better manage sales of your products.