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Mineral fertilizers

To meet the needs of clients in the inspection of fertilizers and raw materials for their production, OOO "TARXON SOFT" has developed a unique methodology for training and monitoring of the verification process, which can provide the comfort for the customers quality service.

The proposed list of services for the inspection of fertilizers during the loading

  • check availability and purity of the request about free transport
  • monitoring of temperature conditions during packing and loading
  • monitor the process of loading
  • monitoring the integrity of packages ( bags)
  • monitoring over empty and laden vehicles
  • control samples
  • analysis of samples for compliance with contract specifications
  • sealing disposable locking and sealing devices TARXON SOFT
  • regular information to the client
  • photographic images

Pre-inspection at the factory

  • confirmation of the cargo
  • assessment of the quantity
  • audit storage conditions
  • check the quality of the goods
  • drop- test
  • photographic images

A wide range of services allows our clients to not only significantly reduce the number of claims and to reject most of them , but also to prevent the possible emergence of problems in a timely manner in response to current information the inspector TARXON SOFT.

Laboratory studies

A short list of chemical products , quality characteristics which can be tested by independent laboratories

  • ammonium nitrate
  • urea
  • ammonium sulphate
  • superphosphate
  • potash fertilizers
  • fertilizer complex and sophisticated
  • adipic acid
  • refined sulphur
  • anhydrous ammonia
  • caprolactam
  • acetic acid
  • sodium carbonate
  • and many others.