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Physical inspection of the equipment , technological systems and production lines - a simple and reliable way to protect your investment , as well as reduce the risks during the construction of new facilities, and in the upgrading of existing . At the same time , the examination equipment (inspection) - tool for evaluating the improvements that raise your profits.

Ordering a technical inspection of TARXON SOFT, you will get an objective report on the inspection of technical condition of your equipment, production facilities , and production lines, on their compliance with international and national standards or parameters declared by the manufacturer.

It should be noted that the expert opinion of an independent technical expertise are considered as the result of an independent evaluation by a broad range of contentious issues. TARXON SOFT Company has extensive experience in conducting technical inspections in this area.

Involvement of "third party" to conduct technical inspections enables a business owner , investor minimize and manage their risks in all phases of new construction and modernization of old production

  • analysis , evaluation and selection of equipment suppliers
  • confirmation of availability and completeness of goods
  • visual inspection of the quality of the goods
  • photographic images

Operations on the construction and manufacturing projects

  • Monitoring the progress of construction and industrial projects
  • Control the timing of projects and a plan of works
  • Monitoring compliance with the quality and quantity of material stated in the documentation