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General cargo

The world trend of increasing transport of general cargo in g / d wagons, containers and vehicles has led to the formation of a new activity - freight forwarding inspection from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Our services for inspection of goods may involve the entire production process, from initial evaluation and testing of raw materials to finished product testing and control of the loading / congestion / unloading of containers.

Operations under the control of loading of goods in transport ( wagons , containers, refrigerators and cars )

  • visual control of transport and assessment of its suitability for the carriage of cargo
  • counting the number of submerged sites
  • control weighting
  • background check packing slips against the actual cargo loaded , control labeling, packaging and stowage rejection of goods in damaged packaging
  • sealing the container door seal control "TARXON SOFT" ( after sealing by customs and carrier)
  • photographic images
  • issue a report on the inspection

Work in the inspection process, unloading of goods

  • check the status of the container and seal integrity of containers when applying for Boarding r amp
  • control unloading the container , counting the seats , capturing differences in comparison with the packing slip , packaging and fixing damaged goods
  • photographic images
  • issue a report on the inspection
  • take responsibility for each shipment .

Such monitoring of cargo to prevent incomplete delivery of goods to avoid damage to the goods due to improper packing or placing in a container , and clearly indicate the time of the insured event and promptly provide the necessary documents to the insurance company .

Report on Inspection OOO "TARXON SOFT" is the basis for a claim in the event of incomplete delivery of goods or upon receipt of defective items.