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Services for banks, insurance and leasing companies

The extensive development of the banking sector, the use of various forms of business financing, the need to optimize the cost encourages financial institutions to attract inspection companies for independent evaluation of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the mortgaged or leased the goods / property, the state places and their storage conditions and / or exploitation. In this regard, OOO "TARXON SOFT" offers:


1. Property transaction in the mortgage

  • preliminary inspection of the quality and quantity of goods and property taken as collateral
  • preliminary inspection of the state of warehouses and storage facilities
  • monitoring of the mortgaged property, including control of the warehouse, checking, control the storage and accounting
  • inventory of goods in a warehouse lender and the mortgagor
  • determine whether the characteristics of the collateral, the conditions for its
  • operation and maintenance requirements specified in the contract of pledge
  • early detection facts or assumptions leading to a decrease in the quantity and quality of collateral, or any other breach of the pledge agreement
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2. Operations on the construction and manufacturing projects

  • monitoring the progress of construction and industrial projects
  • control the timing of projects and a plan of works
  • monitoring compliance with the actual quality and quantity of material stated in the documentation
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  • inventory
  • organization receiving raw material quality and quantity
  • comprehensive inspection , including inspections of the entire value chain, from raw materials supplied to the inspection when shipping to the final consumer
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  • inspection of warehouses and storage facilities
  • control handling
  • measures to prevent damage and loss
  • involved in investigating the causes of insurance claims
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  • inspection of machinery and equipment located at the lessee's
  • control of completeness and condition of equipment / machinery
  • health monitoring and maintenance of machinery / equipment
  • control installation and commissioning
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