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Pricing expertise of contracts

One of the strengths of the specialist OOO "TARXON SOFT" is the examination of prices of export, import and domestic contracts for goods and services for compliance with the established level of prices in the market.
In practice, our professionals are guided by the requirements of "Agreement on Pre-shipment inspection of the GATT / WTO ", signed in 1994 Marrakesh city , Resolution of the CABINET OF MINISTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN № 534 of .02.12.1997 city and REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN № 66 from 02.02.2001 " Regulations on the registration of export and import contracts ...", examination approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 1588 03.06.2007 and others.

It should be noted that at the signing of contracts for goods, works and services for the customer or buyer is important output pricing review on the compliance of the contractual price of the existing market conditions.

Examination of the export- import contracts. Conclusion pricing expertise is an important document for customs clearance , because He legally confirms the fact of compliance with the price of goods, freight, insurance and other fees at the established level of the country of origin and prices of international market and allows the conclusion of the results used to calculate the cost of customs duties and other charges.

Examination of business plans. Provide an opportunity for you or your partner to check the viability and sensitivity to the specific project risks, and , if possible, to identify ways to improve its effectiveness.

Expert opinion OOO "TARXON SOFT"  as an independent organization specialized expertise - a weighty and convincing argument for government agencies and your business partners .