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Marketing research

Marketing research - a tool for the modern market economy , which is aimed at understanding business behavior , desires and preferences of consumers, competitors and individual markets. At its core, market research - the collection and processing (analysis) of information to reduce uncertainty in business decisions .
Depending on the tasks a marketing research has different objectives, chief among them - to develop an effective marketing strategy in the market. In carrying out market research company adheres to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the International Code of Marketing Research.

Market research allows you to:

Market reviews

  • Volume , capacity, market dynamics
  • Key players and their market shares
  • Key Trends and Forecasts
  • The structure of supply and demand
  • Geographical structure of the market

Balance in the market

  • Foreign trade in the market
  • The main barriers to entry
  • Market opportunities and threats
  • Study competitors
  • The volume and dynamics of production , market share

Market positioning

  • Commodity , pricing, marketing strategy
  • Links of cooperation and integration
  • Economic indicators ( income, profitability, value chain )
  • Data on the resources ( personnel, finance, raw materials, etc.)
  • The key factors of competitiveness
  • Consumer research
  • Analysis of satisfaction and preferences of consumers
  • The study of brand image
  • Testing the concepts of product
  • Testing of packaging and design
  • Testing of promotional materials
  • Price perception / definition of the sensitivity of consumers to price