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Laboratory test

Conducted by OOO "TARXON SOFT" Quality Policy is aimed at establishing and maintaining long-term , mutually beneficial partnerships and to the best independent laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025 in the national and international certification bodies .

Independent laboratories - Partners OOO "TARXON SOFT", can conduct research more than 100 products under study for key indicators of quality in accordance with manufacturer's standard documentation, national and international standards such as O’zDst, GOST , ISO, EN, IP, DIN, UOP, ASTM , ICC, ECC, USDA, AOCS, GAFTA, FOSFA , etc.

  • grain and grain products
  • oilseeds and vegetable oils
  • cotton lint and fibre, textiles
  • foodstuffs
  • gas, oil, petroleum products and chemicals
  • fertilizers and raw materials for their production
  • chemical Products
  • ferrous and nonferrous metals, ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • coal and coal concentrates, coal energy, anthracite
  • ferro alloys, ores and iron ore, cement, minerals

In addition, holding almost all the laboratory tests carried out solely under the supervision of an inspector OOO "TARXON SOFT" to confirm compliance of laboratory regulatory requirements and their correctness.

We will advise you about possible ways of cooperation and make recommendations , in some cases it makes sense and where it does not have to resort to transfer functions to carry out laboratory tests to a third party in part or in full. Based on information received from you we will develop for you a customized solution that will fully satisfy your needs.