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The most important thing about us

We , OOO "TARXON SOFT", a team of professionals , who in 2010 was accredited to the Agency "UZSTANDART" the Republic of Uzbekistan (№ UZ.AMT.11.MAI.032) on O'z DSt ISO / IEC 17020:2009, as a fully independent Inspection company (type "A "). Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with many years of theoretical and practical experience in conducting inspections of various goods and services.

Our motto : Together for the best!

Our Mission: The introduction of each company a better system of risk management for sustainable development.


Knowledge is power . Our employees are the most valuable asset , necessary to protect the interests of the client . They are ready to begin work at any moment, and you can rely on them : their work is reliable at anytime , anywhere and under any weather conditions. In our work we use all modern means of information , logistics and communications to enable rapid exchange of information . The implemented system of quality management , selection and continuous training allows for a short time to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of independent inspections of various goods and services .

Honor above all else . It is very important for us to be honest with our customers, employees and suppliers. Our responsibility , independence, impartiality and confidentiality of clients' trust is based on quality of our work. We create successful international business thanks to years of reputation workers. This reputation is one of the most important assets. Our task is to carry out the instructions of our client with maximum efficiency and provide complete and reliable information on the current situation with respect to its products.

Customers' trust is important . Our customers trust us to contribute to security and development of their business. Our business is based on the trust of our customers. We thank our customers for their trust and appreciate the experience of working with each of them . Working with each of our client we are honored and we appreciate it.

Our strategic partner is a company "Control Union International Inspection Services GmbH" (Germany), , which signed a contract on long term cooperation .